A nice NFT project made with love for the IOTA community


Total supply

1010 nice GAVIOTAS are programmed to be minted

Where to buy

On SOONAVERSE Marketplace
Go to adopt one!


50Mi Generated NFTs.
All the GAVIOTAS are lovely


GAVIOTAS (seagulls, Möwe, mouette, gabbiano…) have a very bad reputation in the world of birds due to their bad character, but it really isn’t true. The seagull is a symbol of freedom, and also of eternal free time to enjoy it, without worries of any kind. It is the symbol of those who want that: free time to enjoy the distant horizon and freedom.

We have created a collection of 1010 GAVIOTAS for the IOTA community. We firmly believe that the IOTA ecosystem will be of great importance in the very near future and we want to be part of it by sharing with you our digital art.


road map


Build a space on Soonaverse


Show the world the project on Twitter


Website on air


Release 1010 GAVIOTAS to Soonaverse Open Sale (10 of them will have the integrated genesis trait)


Gaviotas NFT Giveaways


PARTNERSHIP We love the feeling of community, so cooperating with other IOTA projects is one of our goals.


REWARDS access to different kind of rewards (exclusive NFTs, badges on Soonaverse, discounts on merchandising...)


2nd Season of GAVIOTAS (Shimmer Edition)


OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING t-shirts, caps, posters...all ideas are welcome!

We will propose new challenges. The project will grow as much as the community want...


funny items…

Each GAVIOTA is unique and has a unique style.
You won’t be able to say that you like one more than another… and you know it!



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funny items…

Each GAVIOTA is unique and has a unique style.
You won’t be able to say that you like one more than another… and you know it.

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• FAQ •

Where can I adopt a GAVIOTAS?

On Soonaverse. Join us and adopt your GAVIOTAS

Are all GAVIOTAS minted?

1010 lovely GAVIOTAS are programming to be minted

Are GAVIOTAS copyrighted?

No, as soon as you are the owner, you can do anything you want with your GAVIOTAS. But, please, take care of them.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token is something that you can’t touch with your fingers, but you can touch with your heart.

What is the price of GAVIOTAS?

Each GAVIOTAS will cost 50Mi. A collection of 1010 NFTs Generated from pure love

Is it worth buying NFTs?

Here’re multiple benefits when acquiring any NFT (collecting, trading, profile, converting into physical art…) The most important for us is to contribute and to be part of a community as fascinating as IOTA. We strongly believe that IOTA will be the technology of the future and NFTs will be a collectible to be reckoned with.

How did GAVIOTAS come up?

We are 3 lovers of the sea and its immensity. GAVIOTAS means seagull and these cute animals are the major symbol of freedom you can desire. And the calm that you only can find flying over the sea.